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Please support the Nampa Public Library by giving your tax deductible donation to the Nampa Public Library Foundation.

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Let’s dream about having a library traveling throughout Nampa – about stepping out our front doors to browse through bookshelves, to pick up a special movie, to use free Wi-Fi, and to watch kids giggle over books they checked out.

The Nampa Public Library and its Library Foundation have this dream as they raise $25,000 to help outfit the City’s first Bookmobile. The goal? To expand the library’s services and take the library where the people are.

The Bookmobile will provide a platform for communication and will strengthen access to City services at its stops around Nampa. It will be stocked with approximately 3000 items: Books, Audiobooks, Movies, DVD’s, Games, and more.

Not a full-size bus, the library on wheels will be a 24-foot-long Sprinter van. The van was chosen because it is less expensive, is easier and less costly to maintain, is more fuel efficient and will be easier for library staff to drive and maneuver. Garage space for a Bookmobile was included in the Downtown Parking Garage which was completed in 2014.

Who would benefit from having a mobile library that makes regular stops in many areas of town?


Young Children

Young children in areas of town with the most need will have access to books to help develop early literacy skills.



Teens will access library materials for leisurely reading, homework and free Wi-Fi.



Parents will have the convenience of accessing library services close to home. Items found at the main library could be put on hold by a customer to be checked out at a Bookmobile stop.   



Seniors will access critical resources, such as books & online resources to enrich their lives.   



Low income residents and new immigrants will use a mobile library to get help with job hunting and to discover a world of reading, learning and information.